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Tailored to fit your needs

BNL’s experienced real estate investment team is focused on building relationships with brokers, developers, and tenants for the long-term. Our sophisticated deal structures are tailored to fit our clients’ needs, who have come to expect excellence, professionalism, and certainty of execution. We specialize in a myriad of transaction types, including sale leasebacks, lease assumptions, build-to-suit, forward commitments, and UPREIT transactions. We invite you to reach out to our team to learn more about how we can best partner together.

Sale Leaseback

Real estate holdings are typically not core to business operations, but account for a large proportion of hidden capital on a company’s balance sheet. Sale leaseback transactions monetize these assets, unlocking valuable capital that can be deployed elsewhere as desired, while maximizing return for investors. In a sale leaseback, the buyer (in this case, BNL) becomes the property landlord, who then leases the property back to the seller, who becomes the tenant.

Tenants have utilized sale leaseback proceeds to fund business growth and expansion, paydown debt, fund leveraged buyout opportunities and business recapitalizations.


  • Unlock 100% of the asset’s value with no refinancing risk
  • Maintain full operational control of the property
  • Maximize tenants flexibility under a well-structured lease
  • Potential tax efficiencies: the deductibility of rent versus interest


BNL’s build-to-suit program offers tenants the opportunity to construct new customized facilities at a potentially lower cost than what might be obtained through a traditional ground-up development process. As a long-term property owner, BNL has access to competitive cap rates, and provides 100% of the capital required for construction— alongside the tenant’s choice of developer and general contractor.

Similarly, renovation-to-suit offers tenants the opportunity to retrofit existing structures with BNL at the helm of the entire process, from initial property acquisition—within the tenant’s budget and desired parameters—to final design. BNL’s track record of proven and extensive due diligence relationship, efficient underwriting, and surety of close is simply standard business.


  • Efficient capital stack and competitive cap rates
  • Reduce traditional exposure to capital market volatility
  • Lower cost of occupancy
  • Maintain full control over site selection, design, developer, and general contractor


BNL’s UPREIT (Umbrella Partnership Real Estate Investment Trust) program allows property owners to contribute property to the operating partnership of the REIT (BNL) on a tax-deferred basis in exchange for an equity interest in the form of operating partnership units (OP Units).


  • Tax deferral and protection: potentially avoid capital gains taxes
  • Reduce active management responsibilities
  • Increase potential for liquidity
  • Increase portfolio diversification
  • Simplify estate planning
  • Debt structuring optionality

Acquisitions Professionals

Contact the Broadstone acquisitions team to discuss single site or portfolio acquisition opportunities. Our team is happy to provide indicative pricing guidance on any existing owned asset or to-be-constructed asset-- get in touch with us today!

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